The incredible friendship we have formed has been over many deep conversation about; parenting, marriage, successes, failure and loss. Allowing space for each other to be vulnerable and honest with no judgement.

 Our conversations and ability to support each other inspired us to create Pieces of a Woman podcast. We want to be the place any woman can turn to and know we support all women and all the pieces that make us who we are, mind, body and soul.


We first met each other in the Real Estate Industry and quickly had a connection. We soon discovered we had similar backgrounds experiencing trauma and loss, We have both been committed to overcoming at an early age to writing our own story, not the victim of our circumstances.

Your Hosts


I am a mother of six amazing humans & Mimi to two beautiful grandbabies.  I think we put too high of expectations on ourselves thinking we have to have life planned and figured out by the age of 30.  I love that I am still figuring out this life and learning more about myself in my 50s than I did in my 20s, 30s and 40s.  I have an overwhelming appreciation for the journey we live and look forward to each chapter going forward. My favorite color is Silver. My free time: lost in a great fiction novel. My favorite meal: spaghetti. One of my hobbies: pickleball. My heaven on earth: all my children under the same roof.

ready to get deeper?

Over the last three decades, I have built my career in the mortgage industry and enjoy my role as a leader, mentor, and friend amongst some of the best in the business.

I’m also the founding President of the Taylor Hagen Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on mental health awareness and suicide prevention. We support mothers that have lost children and fund programs to help teens develop resilience to persevere through challenges.

The path that led me to the work of our foundation has been the hardest I’ve ever walked. In 2017, I lost my son. This loss has forever changed me as a mother, friend, and wife. While I would give anything to have Taylor here today, I am grateful to him for what he has taught me. Losing him opened my eyes to so much more about myself and the world around me. Taylor has shown me that there is more to learn, more to live for, and more love to give.

“Pieces of a Woman” is my first foray as a podcaster. The process has been therapeutic, fun, introspective, and truly beautiful. The women we’ve spoken to along the way, humble and inspire us. This podcast is dedicated to all women. It is a place to share our unique journeys as mothers, friends, sisters, and partners in a community of collaboration and inspiration.

I am a lover of learning and connecting with REAL people. A Grandma of 4, mom of 4 and wife of one. My role of being "middle aged" is the current Life Lesson. How to take care of aging parents, be a mom, step mom, wife and professional woman, oh the fun.

I have seen the dark and ugly side of abuse, alcoholism and suffering but I believe you are either a victim or a player. I choose to be a player.

I have been a Real Estate Broker for over 24 years. Serving in several leadership roles; President of the Women’s Council of Realtors in 2010, President Salt Lake Board of Realtors 2011, President for the Utah Association of Realtors. Currently a Managing Broker for Summit Sotheby's International Realty and currently serving as a director for Choosing a career in Real Estate was a perfect fit for me as my passion is having the opportunity to meet people, serve and make a difference.

My inspiration to start a podcast and focus on women was simple, CAN we make a difference? Can we inspire, bring awareness and connect people to resources to improve their lives. I have been committed to grow and learn my entire life to be the best version of myself and I believe other woman feel the same. Life is messy and hard and I hope by the topics we share and guest we have on the show we can empower women to be the best version of themselves.