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Aging is a natural and beautiful part of life, but seeking cosmetic procedures isn’t all bad. In this episode, Cristie and DeAnna discuss their beauty secrets and treatments they’ve had done, while also learning how to embrace who they are as an individual. While the decision to get cosmetic work done is entirely up to the person, Cristie and DeAnna share why it’s important to remember that your beauty is more than what meets the eye.

Key Takeaways:

  • [03:10] Beauty stats you need to know for men and women
  • [04:50] Cristie and DeAnna’s thoughts on “preventive” botox
  • [05:27] Cristie shares her beauty secrets 
  • [06:23] DeAnna’s shares her beauty secrets
  • [08:58] The aggressive procedure Cristie committed to but wasn’t ready for 
  • [14:39] The botox game changer 
  • [19:48] Beauty advice for 30-year-olds
  • [21:02] Finding the balance between your personal aging, your body, and having work done
  • [23:33] The importance of investing in your inner beauty first 

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