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This is part 2 of our last episode, An Inside Look Into Domestic Violence. In this episode, we talk about the staggering numbers of domestic violence rising among teens, the healthy conversations parents need to have with their kids, and how to set healthy boundaries.

Learn More About Natalie:

Natalie has been a stay-at-home mom for the past 3 years to her 3 children ages 17, 13, and 3. Formerly she was an HR manager for 14 years in the health care industry. 

Natalie is a survivor of domestic violence who has experienced every aspect of the justice system and offers insight into her domestic violence journey in hopes to educate and help others who may be working in the system or experiencing violence. 

Learn More About Melissa:

Melissa joined the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition as Prevention Coordinator in June of 2021. She hails from Eastern Kansas and earned her degree in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies from the University of Kansas.

She began her career as a domestic violence advocate, and has also held roles coordinating outreach and events for an organization serving adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and supporting parents to strengthen protective factors to prevent child abuse and neglect. 

Learn More About Erin:

Erin Jemison is an independent consultant focused on supporting nonprofit, government, and community organizations through policy analysis and development, legislative education and advocacy, program design and implementation, and special project facilitation.

Erin brings over 20 years of experience as a collaborative leader, practitioner, and policy analyst in domestic and sexual violence issues, criminal and juvenile justice reform, and economic opportunities for women and families. This includes overseeing legislative analysis and strategy in multiple states as a Policy Manager at the Crime and Justice Institute, as well as developing and leading the first statewide policy program focused on Utah women and families as Director of Public Policy at YWCA Utah.

Erin also served as Executive Director of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault, where she managed all operations and government relations and directed statewide technical assistance and public policy focused on supporting survivors, reducing sexual offense recidivism, and promoting public safety.

Erin is dedicated to bringing people to the table to find effective, inclusive, and sustainable approaches to complex issues. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from William Smith College and a Master of Public Administration from Montana State University.

Key Takeaways:

  • [02:08] Why different generations don’t understand why women can’t “just remove themselves” from the situation  
  • [02:51] What the UDVC sees often among domestic violence situations 
  • [04:29] How you can help support a victim of domestic violence
  • [05:16] The most complicating factors that keep a spouse with a violent partner
  • [06:26] Natalie’s #1 piece of advice to women who feel trapped in their situation and know that they need to make a change 
  • [09:37] Why teen dating violence is so prevalent at a young age 
  • [14:04] The #1 red flag for spotting a potentially abusive relationship
  • [15:30] More red flags to look out for 
  • [19:23] Why it’s so important for parents to talk to their kids about dating and raising awareness about domestic violence
  • [20:08] You need to hear this if you struggle to have uncomfortable conversations with your kids
  • [23:04] How to set aside healthy boundaries and differentiate what your heart wants vs. what your head wants
  • [23:21] The most important lesson that Natalie is teaching her kids about their future relationships
  • [24:20] The emotional work that Natalie underwent to get to where she is physically and mentally today
  • [27:13] This is the #1 thing to walk away with after listening to this episode 
  • [29:26] October is domestic violence awareness month — the events that take place during the month and how you can show your support

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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