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We talk with Divorce Recovery Coach, Martha Bodyfelt. In this episode, we discuss the difference between surviving & thriving after divorce. Are you going through a divorce, considering a divorce, or know someone that is? Martha helps us to understand the importance of holding ourselves accountable, how it’s up to us to create the life we want after divorce, and that we deserve this second chance to live our best life.

Learn More About Martha:

Martha Bodyfelt is a certified divorce recovery coach who teaches divorced women how to break free from the patterns that keep them stuck so they can feel fulfilled, have more fun, and live fearlessly.

In the past 5 years, she has professionally coached over 100 women using the LionHeart Method, a no-BS, empowering solution that helps women recover from divorce pain and thrive in a matter of weeks, not years. 

Since 2015, Martha has also served as a divorce expert contributor to the Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Psychology Today, and Thrive Global, where her advice has impacted over 10 million divorced women. 

Key Takeaways:

  • [03:52] Is this you? The journey that most of Martha’s divorce clients are on before they decide to work with her
  • [06:25] Martha’s coaching style and what to expect when working with her
  • [08:52] How to move from pain to action and change your life for the better
  • [10:27] Why divorce attorneys choose to send their clients to Martha first before they can do anything
  • [10:51] Martha’s top methods to teach people in the beginning stages of divorce 
  • [13:04] #1 of the biggest mistakes many people make as they go through divorce 
  • [16:58] How your support system could be pulling you into a victimhood mentality
  • [19:43] What does “surviving your split” mean?
  • [28:45] Why many divorcees don’t see that they have the power to transform their life after divorce
  • [35:06] What working with a divorce recovery coach can do for you 
  • [38:38] What people are saying after working with Martha

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