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*Content Warning – In this episode, Heidi mentions her experience with sexual abuse.


What would you do if an unexpected trip led to something you felt passionate about doing for the rest of your life? For today’s guest Heidi Totten, it meant starting a non-profit called 100 Humanitarians, an organization that provides opportunities for people to get involved in hands-on humanitarian work locally and internationally.

In this episode, Heidi shares her story of how a retreat to Kenya led to a life-changing experience that inspired her to start 100 Humanitarians. She talks about the important work they do in providing medical care, clean water, and education to people in need, as well as the challenges they face in operating a non-profit. Heidi also shares her advice for anyone considering getting involved in humanitarian work, and how we can all make a difference in the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about 100 Humanitarians or getting involved in their work, listen to the episode and visit their website to see how you can help!

Learn More About Heidi:

Heidi Totten started building websites in 1997. Her first attempt was a tribute to Leonardo DiCaprio post Romeo & Juliet. She spent 13 years as a Recruiter, building technical teams all over the world. Then, she quit to raise her kids for a few years before jumping into entrepreneurship and helping people with tech and business strategies.

She runs The Tech Tribe for coaches and mentors who want to create an online business that integrates their website, membership site with courses and services, email autoresponder, and appointment scheduler.

She loves to see the lightbulb go off about what can be created when entrepreneurs understand how to use technical tools to grow their businesses.

Heidi has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 10 years. She runs Heidi Totten Consulting ( and in 2015 founded 100 Humanitarians International, a non-profit that helps families in Kenya, Africa learn self-reliance and start businesses. She has led over 250 people on 25 expeditions.

Heidi is a 3X best-selling author of Homeschool on Fire, Success Through Failing, and My Maasai Name is Nemparnat.

Her happy place is hauling down roads in Kenya in dusty jeeps, but she is also known for her love of tacos, guacamole, and chocolate. 

Key Takeaways:

  • [01:13] Meet Heidi and her story of starting her own business
  • [04:48] How an unexpected trip led to a life-changing experience
  • [07:11] The inception of 100 Humanitarians in the most unlikely place
  • [09:37] The different projects 100 Humanitarians are involved in and the impact its created
  • [16:31] The significant impact on volunteers who go on 100 Humanitarians trips
  • [22:56] Heidi shares the biggest transformations she’s seen happen on trips
  • [29:40] Everything you need to know about these trips: who they’re for, where you can find more info about them and the cost that covers everything
  • [33:19] Ongoing and urgent projects that Heidi and the team are working on
  • [35:17] The massive project to help women retrieve water safely without being attacked by surrounding wildlife
  • [37:20] Ways in which you can help and get involved with 100 Humanitarians
  • [42:52] Heidi’s advice to her younger self following her harrowing experience with sexual abuse

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Learn more about 100 Humanitarians here and the Usana Foundation Garden Towers here.
  • You can also connect with the 100 Humanitarians non-profit organization on Instagram and Facebook.
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