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Why does infidelity happen? Is it always a sign of an unhealthy marriage, or can a relationship survive cheating? These are tough questions with no easy answers. That’s why in today’s episode, we’re continuing Part 2 of our conversation with Gabby, a licensed clinical therapist, to share what she’s seen and how she’s guiding others through these tough conversations.

She also explores the topic of consent in relationships, and how to create a safe space for open communication. So if you’re struggling with infidelity or dealing with any other difficult relationship issues, we hope this conversation provides some helpful perspective for you.

Learn More About Gabby:

Gabby Erekson Acord,(she/her/hers) is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, LCSW in Salt Lake and Davis County Utah. She is the owner of Mood Psychotherapy and Coaching in Salt Lake and Davis County Utah.

Mood therapists are focused on trauma-informed family and relationship dynamics and internal family systems SELF work.

Gabby is a researcher, writer, and advocate for safe relationships and families in high-demand cultures.

Online she can be found at, Gabby Erekson Acord on Facebook, and on Instagram at Gabbyacord.

Key Takeaways:

  • [01:00] Introduction and background info on Gabby
  • [01:44] One of the most challenging parts of a relationship that Gabby has seen and worked through with couples
  • [03:09] Why women need to be aware of their own fragility
  • [04:04] Defining codependency and how it manifests in the dynamics of your relationship with others
  • [08:08] Gabby breaks down her process of how trust can be restored in a broken relationship
  • [13:17] Recognizing your patterns to become less codependent, and more on setting boundaries
  • [17:48] An example of how codependency can present itself 
  • [20:29] How the meaning of infidelity changed over time and what it currently looks like now
  • [22:33] The importance of creating a safe space for open communication in your relationship
  • [25:22] What women can do to take back control and live in a better space
  • [27:07] Why it’s important to consider who has access to you and how you provide consent
  • [30:33] How you can connect with Gabby
  • [31:34] Gabby shares what she would tell her 20-year-old self 

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