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In this episode, you will hear from the amazing Jessica aka Jess of Z97.1 morning show. Jess shares how she started in radio and what her journey looked like in a predominately male industry. She shares her passion for being able to do what she loves, living in the beautiful state of Utah, and being surrounded by amazing people. You will hear the challenges she faced being on the air during Covid-19 and quarantining from home. Jess also shares personal struggles with body image and being enough through college. 

Learn More About Jess:

Jess graduated from Arizona State University in 2001 with her Broadcasting degree. Before graduating, she had a shift at her college radio station. Her name was The Material Girl after her fav artist, Madonna. She also interned for a News Talk station in Phoenix. After graduation, she worked for a radio network where she made some awesome contacts that lead her to Salt Lake City.

Jess has been on air with Frankie at 97.1 ZHT for over 12 years. She thought she would only be in Utah for a few years but she fell IN LOVE with the people of Utah and she is PASSIONATE about her career. She is best known for her laugh and for being a strong female voice in the Salt Lake Valley. You can hear her each weekday from 6am-10am on 97.1 ZHT. 

Key Takeaways:

  • [02:20] Meet Jess and how she got started in radio before having her own radio show 
  • [04:16] What Jess loves so much about being a radio show host in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • [06:55] Jess talks about what it’s like to be living her childhood dream and how she landed her job on 97.1 ZHT
  • [10:11] How Jess and her co-host, Frankie, built a strong bond over the last 16 years
  • [12:34] Where Jess gets her realness from and why she says she’s an open book
  • [16:16] Why being real with ourselves creates more empathy towards others
  • [19:19] Navigating cancel culture and how to find the balance between being yourself and not offending people
  • [21:20] The biggest lesson Jessica has learned in her career
  • [22:47] Jess shares how long it took her to stop shaming herself and what helped her reach that milestone 
  • [23:03] Where shame stems from and how to embrace who we are through the pain
  • [26:21] How to reframe the victim mentality so we can thrive vs. survive
  • [29:20] Jess’s #1 piece of career advice for women and girls of all ages
  • [32:18] The powerful message for Jessica’s 20-year-old self

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