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We’re shining the spotlight on another popular episode with Dr. Juliana – learning to love your body. Part 2 takes us into a deep conversation regarding women and our relationship with our bodies. She shares why we need to understand our relationship with our bodies, the importance of having a body mentor, and why what we say about ourselves may be affecting our children. 

Learn More About Dr. Juliana:

Dr. Juliana is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a counselor with a Ph.D. in counseling education. For 20 years, she’s worked with clients to help them manage relationships, sexuality, confidence, infertility, and more. Her work has been featured in Oprah, CBS’s The DrS., The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Women’s Health, The Discovery Channel, Martha Stewart, Conde Nest, TV Panel ShareCare, Inc., and Shape (among others). 

Her flagship courses include REVEALED: Uncovering your Sexual Story, REVEALED International Facilitation CertificationRadical: A New Relationship with Your Body, Be Your Own (S)expert and The Wanting. She’s also a writer and thought-leader, and she speaks for audiences around the world. Most recently, she was named the Lifestyle Expert for Tempur Sealy, where she also serves on their Sleep Council, is the therapist at large for The Broadway Collective, and is the (S)expert for Campowerment. 

Key Takeaways:

  • 01:43 – What inspired Dr. Juliana to focus on the relationship with our bodies and how she helps people today
  • 03:15 – Body image vs. Having a relationship with your body
  • 10:15 – How to take back control by being vulnerable
  • 11:17 – When transformation happens in relation to how you view your body
  • 11:29 – How to respond when someone shares a sacred story or moment with you
  • 12:18 – The #1 reason to understand the relationship you have with your body 
  • 14:57 – The #1 question to always ask your body
  • 18:37 – What is a body mentor?
  • 21:38 – Why it’s important to assess the relationship with your body after trauma 
  • 24:51 – How the negative self talk about our bodies affect our children 

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