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We’re back and we’re starting Season 3 with a bang! In this episode, we talk all about how to keep your marriage spicy. Genna Thomsen joins us as she shares her tips and tricks on how she keeps her 25-year marriage full of passion, intimacy, and connection. Genna talks about the foundation she built with her husband despite some of life’s extreme challenges and what makes her marriage so successful today. We hope this episode will leave you with some new insight on how to spice up things in the bedroom and bring back your teenage sex drive.

Learn More About Genna:

48 years young!

Happily Married 25+ years

Mother of three beautiful children, (Two Living, One not)

Favorite color: Purple, any shade!

Favorite food: Raspberries, well most anything from the garden.

I believe in love and choosing to be happy over being right in any circumstance. I love holding hands and taking a Sunday afternoon nap. I believe people are inherently good, that life is full of wonderful joys. I love to help and serve!

*A poem that captures the heart of me is:

Be Present. Make Love. Make tea. Avoid small talk.

Embrace conversation. Buy a plant, water it. Make your bed.

Make someone else’s bed. Have a smart mouth, and quick wit.

Run. Make art. Create. Swim in the ocean. Swim in the rain.

Take chances. Ask questions. Make mistakes. Learn.

Know your worth. Love fiercely. Forgive quickly.

Let go of what doesn’t make you happy.


*Another Poem that speaks deeply to who I am and who I strive to be is The Invitation Oriah Mountain Dreamer:

Read this. Then ask yourself if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it, or fade it, or fix it. Can you live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand at the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon ‘Yes’?

Make today count, time is the most precious gift we all have.

Key Takeaways:

  • [03:05] Meet Genna, her background, and how she met her husband of 25 years
  • [05:42] One of the foundations that makes Genna’s marriage so successful
  • [13:57] What to do if you have no sex drive
  • [18:50] How to keep the fire going 25 years into marriage
  • [21:44] The mindset that keeps Genna going and how she continues to show her love
  • [29:23] Growing up in a conservative area and getting over the hurdle of not wanting to enjoy sex
  • [34:01] Advice for women in 20+ years of marriage trying to find their sex drive again
  • [36:47] A letter to 20-year-old Genna

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