How to Love Yourself When You Don’t Know How Feat. Stefhanie Iliff | POW43


Learning to love yourself is an ongoing process. But the words you say or the actions you take could be holding you back from being your most authentic self. In today’s episode, Embodiment Coach and Mentor, Stefhanie Iliff, joins us as she shares what it means to love yourself and what you can do today to level up and live your best life.

Learn More About Stefhanie:

Stefhanie’s souls purpose is to help women come home to their bodies natural brilliance using their divine power to expand + claim their freedom while activating + embodying their bodies codes.

Key Takeaways:

  • [02:32] Meet Stefhanie as she shares what sparked her to leave her high-paying corporate job and help women as an embodiment coach 
  • [07:32] What is embodiment coaching and how does it work?
  • [13:22] What it means to embody our worth and how it affects our every day life
  • [17:00] How to shift from a low frequency to a high frequency 
  • [18:57] The negative effects of living in shame and guilt and how it’s holding you back 
  • [19:22] The part of your body where Stefhanie says many women feel shame 
  • [23:26] Feeling stuck in your current situation? This is why
  • [26:07] The shocking amount of time women spend looking in the mirror without saying anything negative 
  • [26:34] The powerful message of what it means to be intimate with someone
  • [36:59] Stefhanie’s wise advice that she would give her 20-year-old self

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Connect with Stefhanie on Instagram or join her Sacred Sisters Workshop.
  • You can also join one of Stefhanie’s yoga classes in South Riverton, Utah here.
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